About us

Baltic Service Network - an independent company that provides warranty and post-warranty service in the Baltic States.

This is an alliance of experienced professionals working in accordance with high quality standards under the centralized management, using the most modern IT system and logistics.

Our objective:  To achieve high efficiency service along with the maximum customer satisfaction.

Our methods of achievement of the objective:

  • Respect for the customer.
  • Real-time provision of all required data to the customer.
  • Transparency of all processes.
  • Customer privacy and data security.
  • Achievement of optimal repair time.
  • Organization of operation on FIFO principle
  • Investments in equipment, IT system, staff training.
  • ESD protected working areas.
  • Quality control.
  • Warranty for the executed work.
  • Well-developed logistics system.

Our customers: Manufacturers, dealers, trading networks, service companies, stores and end users. Each and all are very important for us!